I wish to say a very big THANK YOU to everyone who has commented here by sending e-mails about your experience with us!
I've been putting the latest comments at the top of the list so you don't have to scroll down so far.


I wanted to thank you for bringing back to life my Pro Reverb amplifier.

It truly sounds better now than the day I bought it.  You’ve completely cleaned up any static/noise I’ve come to tolerate.

Thanks for the hints you provided me when I picked it up on maximizing the settings.

The reverb function on this amp is back to perfection thanks to you.

Well worth the investment in my opinion.

Nice job!

Mark Cragin

Amp Sounds amazing. Thank you so much.

Jon Daly - Atlanta


You fixed my Warwick Tubepath bass amp about 3.5 yrs ago. I m just sending you a big Thanks for your work. Amp is still working great, with no issues at all. I have told many about your shop.

Thanks again,

Joseph Ianniello

Hey bud, The Fender Deluxe sounds disgustingly good !! Thanks.  It is amazing. It is very rock n roll. I feel like it is in holy grail territory.  Very nice.  Proud to have another amp serviced and modded by you.  I am in the tone zone.  Vibro champ, Bassman, and the Deluxe. 
Thanks a lot.
Paul Stax

Jeff, Thank you for the superb work you did on my Peavey Valveking 212 tube amp and my Peavey Classic Chorus 212 Solid State. The Warehouse ET-90s you put in both were a huge upgrade, as well as the cleaning of the pots on the older Chorus amp. Both amps are now just vicious, sound like nothing else, and are a blast to play through. It's nice to know that older, veteran Punk Rocker types such as myself have a place to go to get our "lower budget" amps brought up to speed! Thanks again!

Jon Dixon

Dude, The harmony you just fixed is the shit!  Whatever tweaks you devised are flippin awesome.  Great and thanks again.

Kevin Morrison - Tucker, GA

I want to compliment you and your work, as my SVT is playing like new.I now believe lame since I bought it new. Not only has the intermittent problem been corrected, but your handiwork has made the amp sound like and SVT should sound – awesome. I’m glad I found your company!The repair was completed quickly, the price was fair and the amp sounds incredible.

David Cutter – Duluth, GA

Wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for the work you did on my amps (61’ Supro and 53’ Fender Champ). They both sound 100% better after bringing them to you, the tremolo in the Supro sounds absolutely fantastic. Appreciate the help, will bring you more business in the future as I continue to build out my old amp collection. Thanks again, Casey Martin

Jeff, No Question Here. I'm already enjoying the Mod speaker you put in my PR. Thanks for the repairs, advice, and fast turnaround !
Willie Johnson

Hi Jeff just to say, the bassman arrived today.........AMAZING.....cant believe its the same amp! Its the sound I had in my head and I knew was possible! You have made a crazy English guy very, very happy! THANK YOU so much. best regards, best wishes to you and yours for the season..
Dave Hardman

Amp arrived, all well. Packing was superb and worth every penny you charged. Thanks, Jeff. We'll do more business in the near future! Best,
Billy Cochrane

Hi Jeff, Just wanted you to know that the Blues Jr. sounds fantastic. The Fromel Mods really opened it up! Great attention to detail on your part with the mod installation. I appreciate your attention to detail.
Tom Perry

Hey Jeff - Thanks again for the restoration work on my old super lead 100. I gave it a test drive today during lunch - and it has really been restored to its full glory. It's a pleasure to have skilled and capable folks like yourself to entrust with what is now a 44 year piece of gear.
Jim Holbel

Hi Jeff, just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with the work you did on my '66 Fender Princeton. It sounds AWESOME! I honestly can't believe the difference. I only wish I would've gotten it to you sooner instead of waiting so long. All I want to do is play my guitars through it since getting it back. Again, really appreciate all you did for it. I spent about 35 minutes cleaning up the cabinet and knobs per your instructions and now it looks like new, and sounding good as new. I couldn't be happier!
Thanks again,
Rod Pearman
Dawsonville, Ga.

Jeff, You fixed my Marshall DSL 40 before Christmas, and I must say I couldn't be happier. It never has sounded so good. I've played a couple of small gigs with it and it has been both amazing in sound and dependability since you did your magic on it. I appreciate what you did and I wanted to thank you. You absolutely did what you said you would do. Feel free to use this feedback for your business, and I am recommending you to my musician friends. Thanks again for a great job!
Johnny Johnson

Jeff, this Tremolux sounds absolutely awesome. Thanks again, man.
Richard Hawes

Jeff, I just wanted to give you an update on my Deluxe Reverb with the new Tone Tubby speaker. I learned immediately that my #1 problem with the amp's tone was the previous speaker. The Tone Tubby sounds great, and my amp sounds basically like I expect good old Fenders to sound. No more huge, boomy bass, and the nasally spike no longer jumps out of the amp. That particular Blue Dog was a poor match, I believe. Also, the reverb is MUCH improved--night and day. Thanks for getting my amp back into the "yeah, that's why I like Fenders!" territory. I appreciate it!
Buell Wisner

Hi Jeff, Just wanted to send you big old thanks for the fine job you did on my 74 Super Reverb.  I have cleaned up the vinyl and she looks great and sounds great, too.  I believe she has many more good years left in her.  Again, thanks. 
Doug Ford

Tone of the amp is absolutely breathtaking!!! :) On the Andrews Spectraverb 40
David McCarron
Charleston, SC

Just wanted to tell you how awesome my Deluxe Reverb is now that you've worked your magic. The Reaper HP is DEFINITELY the right speaker for this amp. I honestly can't believe how good this thing sounds all around. Easily 10 times better than before.You guys are great. I'll be back for sure and have already recommended you to a few people.
Brent Wezeler
Atlanta, GA

Hey Jeff! This is Blake, with Marshall. I've been meaning to get in touch with you. Mainly to say that thing sounds incredible! I haven't heard tone like this, in years. Everything about it, now, really rocks! Thanks, again.
Blake Yokeley
Atlanta, GA

Jeff, I just finished playing with my Music Man HD212 that you restored... WOW is all I can say! I had not fully realized just how bad my amp had deteriorated over 35+ years. This reminds me of what I remember the amp sounding like as a kid. This is the sound that made me want to play guitar. If anything, you made it even better! I would recommend your shop to anyone who has an older tube amp and wants to bring it back from the “dead”. It has been brought back to life and it really “sings” now!
Bob Warren
Dunwoody, GA

Hey Jeff, just wanted to let you know that I am really pleased with the work you did on my 73 Deluxe Reverb. I've put about 30 hours on it since picking it up from you and the WGS G12C/S you recommended is starting to break in nicely and the amp really sounds great! Thanks so much for getting this thing dialed in, I really appreciate it.
All the best,
Chris Hinson
Atlanta, GA

The boys all got together to play and we broke out the Marshall you restored. All we can say is: EXCELLENT! Thanks for a fast, inexpensive, a great job. Oren Lee and the Coolers thank you!
Kathleen, GA

Amp got back yesterday. Beautiful workmanship. You're the best, bar none.
Marc Muller - Waterford, WI

Hi Jeff - just wanted to say the amps sound Amazing! The Princeton clone is excellent as a relatively clean jazz kind of amp (all I want to use it for), but the Deluxe sounds way better than I've ever heard it sound. It really is excellent. Thanks again for the great work and I'll bring my other messed up stuff soon!
Thanks again.
Herb Avery - Atlanta

I know it has been a couple of weeks since you had done my "master volume Mod" for my Tweed/Brown Fender Bassman, but to be honest I have not had a chance to really put it to the test until this weekend.
I have to tell you, it is awesome. Channel 2 (w/o pre-amp) is still clean and beautiful, as before! Channel 1 run as a pre-amp thru Channel 2 is just out of this world. This amp set correctly does not need pedals or effects to get "that sound". And it does not matter whether it is set on loud or quiet on the master volume, I can get great rhythym and lead tones just by working on the knobs and switches right on the guitar. From clean, to bite, to gritty, to dirty, all of it is there with a tone, pup setting and volume knob adjustment right on the guitar. It is a wonderful thing to have every sound I need on one amp setting, and I can make ten great sounds come out from the adjustments at my fingertips. With a guitar change or two, I can really get some incredible sounds without having to really even look at the amp other than to stare at it in awe. It handles the PAF's in the ES335 and does wonders with the single coils on the strat and tele. And each guitar is very flexible in it's sound, not just a one-trick pony.
Anyway, thanks for taking the time to take care of my needs. I appreciate your knowledge and skill and craftmanship you have put into my amp to make me a very happy customer!! BTW, the hiss sound is much better than I expected from your explanation. I do appreciate the honesty in telling me the downside of what I was trying to accomplish. You were very forthright in making me aware of everything going on!
Steve Young - Norcross, GA

You just recently revamped my super reverb. I wanted to tell you how happy I am with what you did! The overall sound is just so much more powerful and full. You made the amp much more reliable and I cannot thank you enough! It really rocks when I crank it. I wanted to stress that I greatly appreciate your business approach and can honestly say that it was the easiest, most honest interaction I've ever had with someone repairing my instrument/gear. It is very obvious that you love what you do and take pride in helping others achieve their unique sound.
Taylor Knox - Atlanta, GA

Just got the Supro back and It sounds fantastic, great job as usual. You've always done a fantastic job, and this was no exception. I am totally thrilled with this amp !! I found out what model it is in case you are interested it's a 1965 Combo Tremolo model S6497.
Jack Albright - Clarkston, MI

Jeff – Just wanted to let you know I played a gig on Saturday with the JCM 900 you serviced, and it sounded great. Lots of compliments – great tone. I have also done some recording with the '73 JMP 50 watt you recently finished, and, oddly, the speakers in the cabinet sound much better now! Thanks again for the great service on my amps.
John Williams - Peachtree City, GA

Just got the amp in and fired it up and......wow. Everything i wanted out of this machine. The lows aren't muddy anymore and the high's don't pierce like they used to. Its smooth and amazing!!!! This is what i think of when people say "that vintage marshall sound" I have it now and its all thanks to you man!!! Everything i loved about the amp is still there and everything i hated is gone. I couldn't imagine a better amp for me. Thank you again!
Teel Merrick - Amarillo, TX

Jeff, took your advice and put a rajun cajun in my 66 epiphone comet, and it makes a world of difference, thank you!!! with the mods and repairs you did to my amp, this thing is a screamer. fantastic job!!! I will recommend you highly to anyone needing tube amp repairs. one day I'll have to bring in my twin reverb and champ for cleanup and such.
John Gadsby - Hiawassee, GA

Jeff had the patience and courage to repair and restore my Bogen CH35A to a clean, quite, power 2-channel [guitar] amplifier. I nearly smoked this Boggie in my quest for tone but I found an Andrews Amp Lab ad in Vintage Guitar Magazine classified and there was hope yet. I will always bring my work to Andrews in the future. The works looks fantastic and I slipped the chassis in the blue metal flake original case, beautiful! This was the first time I ever sent an amp to a shop and it was a great experience!
Kenneth Quintini - Panama City, FL

Jeff, I wanted to thank you for such a fine job you did on my amp. It sounds so so good !!!
Thanks again.
Ron Vidal - SF (Thinline) Princeton - Soldonta, Alaska

Fired up the Laney tonight and used some JJ KT77's and biased it up. Man this thing rocks, I can't believe my ears! Thanks for making this amp awesome, I will recommend you to anyone who needs amp repair. I have a peavey vtm120 that I may be sending in to you (in a couple months) to get a cap job on it.
Thanks again,
Brad Parish - Rincon, GA

I can't believe how great my Marshall sounds! Better than I ever remember it. Money well spent!
thanks again,
Wally Hooker - Effingham, IL

Hi Jeff. I have not finished re-tolexing my Maestro to put the chassis back in yet but the Vari-tone sounds perfect. Its incredible and thanks for a great job.
Sean Glen -Various Vintage Gibsons - Bernardsville, NJ

Jeff, When I bought this 1967 Gemini 2 from the junk store there was little hope. After the re-cap, the new reverb tank, PI tube and a 3-prong cord it sounds amazing. This thing breaks up in best possible way at the perfect volume. I am most impressed with the quality of customer service, knowledge of vintage electronics and attention to detail. I hope to bring more business your way.
-Dave Sutton - Marietta, GA

Hello Jeff, Had a chance this evening to noodle around with the Deluxe. It is a totally different amp. It does have more headroom and you were right the Phillips pt's sound better. Can't put my finger on it, possibly more note separation. Open chords lots of chime, believe it or not, smoother overdrive. I left the EH in the PI position and put a groove tube 12AT7 in PT pos. This amp is now useable for any situation I may require. Thanks a lot for the great job!!
Jeff Smith - Tweed Deluxe -Woodstock, GA

Hi Jeff, chassis arrived safely. Amp sure sounds good to my ears. If you don't object, I will eventually send you a Magnatone/Lyric chassis for refurbishing. Also, when the time comes, please sell me some of the speakers you suggested. Thanks for the entire transaction. I'd like to contribute to your satisfied customer section.
Thanks again, James in Japan
James Kenney - Shimoda City, Japan

Made my bandmates suffer through hearing me bench-testing the Voxes, Vibro, & TE Vellocette at a rehearsal today... so far I've been quite pleased with sound & response... in particular the AC30 & Vibro sound great... Thanks man, nice job.
Tim Bowen - Various amps - Atlanta

Hey Jeff, Just thought I'd e-mail and tell you that the Marshall sounds great - I would call but it's late so I just got on your website. Thanks again - I hope to use the Marshall on the up-coming CD - I know I will be using the Fender's!
Mark Cook - Pro Reverbs and Plexi Marshall - Decatur, GA

Hey Jeff,
The work you did on my Tremolux is great. Now that I have played this amp on many jobs I am hooked. My Tele never had this warm a tone with all the bite you could ask for. The 10's are original Oxford's. Now I would like you to do your magic on my Vibro-Champ.
Rick Goodwin - BF Tremolux - Jacksonville, AL

Got the Hilgen chassis back from UPS last night. Slapped it back together and tried it out with a strat Sounds very good. I am very pleased with the work, thank you.
The input voicings are fine and though I almost never do, I cranked it to max and the sound is wonderful, a creamy distortion full tone, almost sax like, it's gonna be excellent for solo lines.
All in all I greatly appreciate your professionalism and expertise. I will recommend your shop at any opportunity. Thanx again.
Chris Casses - Hilgen HM-1 - Franklin, NC

Right, I would say," Now THAT'S how I remember this amp sounding!!"
However, I don't ever remember my DR sounding this damn good. Once again another mighty tone machine reclaims its rightful place. AND, it don't need no stinking doo doo boxes in front of it! Thanks Jeff, It really is spot on.
Jeff Smith - BF Deluxe Reverb - Woodstock, GA

Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the Contessa ca-45 PA head you worked on. Great Job
Cliff Ryan - Tucson, AZ

Thanks again for your top class work mate. The tweed Gibson GA-9 you just serviced for me is now even better sounding (hard for me to believe!) The amp is dead quiet now and just roars the kinda harp sound I want on command.
Out of the 'bout a hundred amps I've bought and sold this last 3-4 years... this thing is the most outrageous for harp. Again, if I ever tell you I'm selling this amp, please feel give me an uppercut/hook combination!
Michael Goodstone - Various Harp Amps - Marietta, GA

Just wanted to send you a quick note and tell you that my 73' 50 Watt Marshall head that you worked on now sounds OUTSTANDING! It is very quiet now and the tone is everything I wanted it to be and then some. You were very honest and straightforward in dealing with me and I sincerely appreciate it. It feels great to know that there is someone within driving distance that I can take a vintage amp to and have first rate repair work done. Keep up the good work because I'm passing the word to all my friends!
Steve Fleming - Birmingham, AL

I picked up my Bassman 10 on Monday. Tuesday, I went into the studio with it , and I must say it is now one of the finest sounding Amps I have played through in 30 some years of Bass. I'm playing a '77 Precision with ash body and hand wound pickups (all original, I ordered and had it built myself in 77) and it is a tone monster. Deep, Clear lows sweet mids and highs and now I have an amp to match. Great Job! I am more than pleased with your work and will recommend you to everybody I know who owns a tube amp, whether or not they think they need work. This thing sounds awesome now. By the way, you mentioned you were soon to be building your own line of amps. Whenever you decide to build a great bass amp, I would love to own the first one so keep me in mind. Thanks again for the GREAT work.
Alan Kerr - Heflin, AL

Just a short note to tell what a totally different amp my valve junior is. Quiet and responsive, perfect performance. It was a pleasure.
Thanks again,
Patrick Kennedy - Decatur, GA

Hey Jeff, I know it has been a few months since you repaired my amp, but I just wanted to tell you thanks. I have gigged with it a little bit and it is a really awesome amp! It does that Fender clean like I have never heard from my newer Fender amps. I will not hesitate to get in touch with your shop if I ever have any problems. But as far as the amp sounds now, I may not ever have to! Thanks!
Chance Royal - Thomaston, GA

I have really enjoyed my Champ clone since you worked on it a month or so ago. Have been busy and just haven't taken the time to tell you what a pleasure it is to play with the new speaker and no buzzing. Thanks again for your attention to detail and excellent work. I'll be bringing our Mesa up your way when I can get it away from our son for a week or two.
Buck Richardson - Warner Robins, GA

The Champ is back safe and sound, reassembled and properly burned in. It sounds great, I should've had it serviced years ago. What a gem. I also appreciate your straightforward approach (in communicating all the details of this repair with me), in addition to the excellent outcome....
.....I have learned I should expect for one or more problems to surface in especially in seeking repair(s), and I am thrilled to death to have had none of that.
Michael Sayre - Rocky Face, GA

Thank you for the work you did on my Bandmaster. It's a completely different experience. It's remarkable the difference that makes. It's almost like capturing air from the 60s....
Rex Smith - Kennessaw, GA

I noticed many testimonials about your repair work but I would like to say thank you for the quick shipment of the speaker that I bought from you. For whatever reason you seemed to be the only person I could find that had what I needed. You were very friendly along with business like to make (what seemed to me) a big problem into a simple solution. Thank you once again for speedy, friendly and perfect service.
Michael - Colorado Springs, Co

Jeff- Got to put the Dual Super Lead through the paces recently and the MM Transformers and Choke made a HUGE difference! Thanks for taking the time to get the biasing right and matching my amp with the proper tubes. Can't believe how much better it sounds, and I'm not just saying that to justify the cost, you really can hear the difference over the cheap stock transformers. Power is smooth and crisp. There is now plenty of headroom and gobs of rich harmonic sustain. The gain seems more articulate and less buzzy. I won't trust my amps to anyone else as long as you are around. Thanks for doing quality work!
Lee Sebastian- Marshall DSL 100- Atlanta, GA

Jeff, Last night, I finally got a chance to crank up that (Dual) Showman that you serviced and put reverb in. Two words - absolutely gorgeous. Reverb added sweet sustain and the clean overhead was the best that I have ever played out of anyway. The Twin that I was raving about a couple months ago now is officially the backup.
I ran across a newly rebuilt JBL K120 and it made an excellent match along with a Black Widow. Honestly, that amp made me sound better than I am. Thanks for your help with the mod. Good to know it paid off- and then some.
Justin Bridges - Cumming, GA

Hello Jeff, I just wanted to thank you for your excellent work on my 1969 Bandmaster Reverb chassis. It is exactly what I wanted, and it sounds great. I took me a while to get it all together, Due to the fact that I had turned it into a combo, but after all was said and done, It really was more than I expected. The sound is really big, clear and three dimensional. My drummer even noticed! All of your suggestions were right on the money, and you were polite and extremely helpful. Your knowledge, expertise, and fast service was worth every penny.
Jeff Benske
Top Shelf Guitar Shop
Milwaukee, WI

I've had a chance over the weekend to play the Peavey Royal 8 you modded for me - nice! The bass is much more articulate, much more satisfying, doubtless due to the speaker upgrade. Haven't got my 2 x 10 cabinet here yet but I am looking forward to pushing the amp w/ tranny upgrade through it.
All your work was to spec, on time and under budget and I thank you. In particular your suggestion to convert the on-board speaker to 4 ohms and thus be able to get by with just one extra jack and a simplified wiring harness was clever and much appreciated. You've got a permanent customer in me.
Billy Cochrane
Brandon, MS


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