We receive many makes and models of amps in various states of repair (or attempted repair). Therefore, it's extremely difficult to guess on the cost to repair an amp without doing a diagnosis. All work is billed on a case-by-case basis.

A $65 deposit is required for the minimum labor charge on most work or estimates before work begins. Speaker cabinet work may be less. Mixing consoles, powered mixers, tape echo units and tube Hi Fi equipment require a $100 minimum deposit.  We don't generally repair pedals but sometime make exceptions for vintage Univibe, fuzz, and wah and simple repairs to some modern pedals.  When we do accept pedal repairs, the deposit is $50. These deposits define the minimum labor charge for each item and are subtracted from the final bill when pick up your product.

Labor is billed at $85 per hour for pro audio equipment and $100 per hour for Hi Fi.  If additional time is needed beyond what the deposit covers, you will be contacted with an estimate before any other work is done.  If you answer the call and approve the estimate, most jobs are completed on that day.  Your deposit your deposit will be applied to the final bill at pickup.

Credit card processing fees are getting so expensive that we are on the verge of having to add a surcharge for card payments. Cash payments are very much appreciated!

Prices for some common jobs can be found under Modifications.

Rush Service

Most repairs are completed in one to two weeks. When time and workload allows, we offer rush service at 2 levels. With Priority Rush Service, your amp will be expedited and will be put on the bench within 3 business days.  The charge for this service is $50. When you need it fast but not that fast, we offer Standard Rush Service which  will get our product on then bench in 4 to 5 business days. The charge for this is $30. Rush fees are due along with the standard deposit when the amp is dropped off. Note - Rush service does not necessarily guarantee completion of your repair within any time frame. Delays can occur due to parts orders, intermittent amp problems or delays in getting estimate approvals.  If a parts order is necessary, you will have the option of paying for expedited shipping.  

We accept cash, checks and money orders, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal. There will be a $25 fee on returned checks. Please do not mail or ship cash!