Modifications for Most Amps

We can help you own your tone with customizations that add new features to your amp or fine-tune its performance.

These and other modifications may be available depending on your amp make and model.

• Removal of previous modifications to put your amp back in stock condition

• Conversion of many solid-state rectified amps to tube rectified or tube rectified to solid-state rectification. This changes the dynamics and headroom of the amp.

• Triode/Pentode Switch (1/2 power switch) - This allows to you reduce your output power level to about 1/2 of normal. This usually means a reduction of around 20% in output volume and a slight loss in treble response.
Price ranges from $75-$150 depending on amp model but is about $85 for most amps.

• Post phase inverter master volume control - PPIMV - This allows variable output volume while keeping your preamp gain turned up for a "cranked up" sound at lower volume.
Price varies depending on amp model but runs about $85 for most amps.

• High quality solid-state effects loop. This loop features a bypass switch and a level switch so it will work with nearly any outboard effect. It's small and will fit most medium to large amps. For small amps or any amp that doesn't have room for the boards, it can be mounted in a stomp box type enclosure and screwed to the inside or outside of the cabinet.  In my opinion, this is a better option than the tube driven loop because it is smaller, more transparent, and is a little less noisy than tube driven loops. Keep in mind that virtually every effect that might be used in your loop will be a solid-state device so using a tube-driven loop does not preserve the pure tube signal of your signal anyway. This loop is super transparent and quiet. Highly recommended!
Price is about $240 for most amps.  Cost will be additional for mounting in an enclosure (if there is not enough room inside the chassis).

• High-quality tube-driven effects loop can be added to many tube amps. The loop features a toggle bypass switch and level adjustment controls hidden inside the send and return jacks.  For lowest noise, we do this installation with a shielded cable for all the signal wiring.
Price to install in any amp that has room for the circuit board, tube and jacks - around $240. Cost will be higher for special installs when limited space in the chassis requires an external box.

• Two-position power switch - These can be used to add the power standby functions to amps that have only one toggle switch for power such as Fender Blues Jr., Princeton Reverb, many tweed amps and others. Position one is standby and position two is fully on.
Price to install is $25 to $45 depending on the amp. (minimum labor rates apply)

• Add adjustable bias. Some amps with fixed bias circuits don't have a bias adjustment control. We can often add adjustable bias with or without external test points.  

• Install a grounded AC cord and correct the out of date AC wiring so that the amp will be safer and much less likely to cause nasty electrical shocks.
Price: $25 (minimum labor rates apply)