Tape Echo Service - Maestro Echoplex Repair -  Roland Space Echo Repair

We can restore your Echoplex or Space Echo to it's original performance.

For Echoplex EP-3, we offer a standard overhaul service that includes full performance evaluation, new pressure pad (if needed), new premium capstan belt,  install fresh electrolytic capacitors (filters and audio path), cleaning, demagnetizing and alignment of the tape path, deglazing the pinch roller, lubing the mechanism, and electronic calibration of the recording and biasing circuits. Cost is around $255.

Additional options for tape echo models include:

Tube testing/replacement

Replace broken or sagging motor mounts

Factory circuit updates

Tape cartridge reload

Space Echo motor overhaul

Head replacement

Pinch roller replacement

Tension pad replacement

Echoplex Motor replacement

and more....


 This photo shows the record and playback PC boards with a fresh set of electrolytic capacitors.  Cap replacement is highly recommended on these old machines to prevent humming, loss of signal and degradation of sound.