Andrews Extension Cabinets



Our 1X12 open back extension cabinet comes in solid pine, or birch plywood and features strong finger jointed construction.  The speakers mount with machine screws and t-nuts for maximum durability. The look and tone is perfectly matched with Andrews heads.  The cabinet shown here is color coordinated to match our Spectraverb heads. It’s also available in our standard black on black and green on black configurations. Speakers are selected to match the appropriate head.  Custom colors and speaker arrangements are available.  As pictured (in solid pine with WGS G12C/S speaker, the weight is 27 lbs and the price is $429.  Dimensions are 24″Wide X 18 3/4″ High X 10 1/2″ Deep




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The standard 2 X 12 open back cabinet is  also built with strong finger jointed construction and is available in birch plywood or solid pine.  It’s just the right size to give you a sound big without being too big to load and carry and it looks great with the Andrews heads!  The standard speaker arrangement is two WGS Reaper HP.  When used for Para-Dyne or A-Series heads.  We recommend two Warehouse G12C/S speakers for the Spectraverb heads and we can match the colors of the Spectraverb and A-Series heads as well.

Size: 28″ wide X 20″ tall X 11″ deep.
Weight: Baltic Birch – 47 lbs (depending on speakers), 43 lbs in solid pine.
Power Handling: Depends on speaker choice
Impedance: standard 4 ohms (optional wiring for 8 or 16 ohms for no additional charge).
Price: * $595  

*Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.