Builder Profile

Andrews Amplification started in Roswell, GA as an offshoot of Andrews Amp Lab. Back in 2005 Jeff Andrews built the first Andrews Amp for his personal use. The idea was to use knowledge gained from years of servicing, modifying and playing thousands of amps to come up with a solid amp that could fill the role of previously owned amp. That amp was a 1971 Super Lead head. The new amp was to reside in a smaller, lighter package that could acheive the tone without so much volume. He started with a vintage Trayner YGM3 chassis and cabinet. It was gutted other than the power transformer and tube sockets. The proto-type that was built produced about 25 watts and the circuit was similar to a “plexi” but the voicing of the 2 channels was combined and refined. With a few more refinements, transformer upgrades, a master volume control and other features, it eventaully became the model A-22.

The A-22 was officially lauched on 2006 and was later joined by the A-45 which was replaced by the A-50.

After discussions with friends and customers at the summer NAMM show in 2011, development began on the new channel switching models, the Para-Dyne 20 and Para Dyne 50.  The designs took seven months and hundreds of hours to complete.  The result is a finely tuned tone machine that will not disappoint the most critical ear.

The design philosophy for all the Andrews Amps has consistantly been to build the highest quality amps with the best tone. Andrews Amps does not cut corners by using off the shelf cabinets, chassis or boards. These and other components are custom designed and built for Jeff’s critical designs and all the amps are handwired on the premises. This attention to detail sets Andrews Amps in a class of their own!