Ampeg Amp Modifications

We can help you own your tone with customizations that add new features to your amp or fine-tune its performance.

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• Standby Power Modification
The Ampeg SVT-VR amp has a protection circuit that will not allow the amp to go from standby mode to play mode unless the AC line voltage is above 110 - 115 volts. There is a modification floating around the internet that defeats the standby relay circuit to resolve this problem. Although the mod works, it disables the turn-on delay circuit and protection against loss of the low voltage power supply. Our mod leaves the protection and delay circuit intact while lowering the low AC limit to 95 volts, thus allowing you to still use the amp in venues where the power is a little low and still maintaining the other useful parts of the protection circuit. (Using the amp with power below 95 volts is not a great idea anyway!)
Price: about $100.