ANDREWS AMP LAB WILL BE CLOSING ITS DOORS SOON – Best to get right to the headline so nobody misses it!
It’s finally time to make the announcement I’ve been working towards for many years.
After 43 years in the electronics service business and tens of thousands of items going across my bench, it’s time to take a nice long break. My wife and I have just purchased a sailboat that we will be living on as we travel on adventures in the Caribbean, Central and South America and possibly beyond. We’re selling our house and most of our possessions and will be living a simpler lifestyle, mostly “off the grid”.
At this time, I’m calling this a sabbatical. I’ll be away for at least 1 year. Depending on how things go, I could be back in a year and re-open the shop, or 2 years, or 5 years or never. Time will tell.
My seventeen years running Andrews Amp Lab has been an amazing experience. I’ve learned so much and made many friends. The shop has endured start-up challenges, technical challenges, growing pains, “The Great Recession” and a pandemic and it’s still going strong, thanks to all of you! When I opened the shop, I wasn’t sure if it would survive but thanks to your support, I squeaked through that first few years and eventually had a viable business. The little opening night celebration we had in 2005 seems like just a few years ago. How time flies! Taking care of your amps has been an honor and a privilege. I am humbled by your trust and so thankful for your repeat business and your referrals. Stepping away from all this is a bittersweet experience. Even though this new life will be an exciting adventure, there is a lot I will miss but life is short. It’s now or never so here we go!
The shop will be gradually winding down over the next couple of months. Starting with a few changes right away (see below) and by late July, we will stop taking in any new work. All repaired amps must be picked up by the first of August. Also, due to a previously scheduled vacation, I’ll be closed for the first two weeks of July.
As part of the winding down process, I will be making a few changes.
• Effective immediately, I will not be accepting any more solid-state gear except for Echoplex and Roland Space Echo.
• I’ve recently adopted a one-hour minimum labor charge ($90) on all repairs which is due as a deposit when the item is dropped off for repair.
• Watch for changes in business hours. At some point, I’ll likely start closing on Fridays. For now, we will maintain our normal business hours.
• I’ll be selling off some tools, test equipment, furniture, fixtures and other items from the shop.
Stay tuned for updates…