Winged C factory will not be producing any more glass tubes!

There has been a rumor floating around for a few months that the Winged C (SED) tube factory has closed down.  I’ve been staying in touch with the importer since then and they’ve been telling me that the factory was temporarily off line while they find a new glass supplier.  I just got word that the factory has announced that they will not produce any glass tubes in 2014.  I think we can now safely say that production of the highly acclaimed Winged C tubes is over for good.  These tubes can now be considered New Old Stock and remaining stock will be priced accordingly around the world.  This is a big disappointment for me as Winged C have been my favorites for a long time.  We will be replacing the 6L6 with Tung Sol 6L6GT.  EL 34 will be more difficult since we have not had good reliability from any brand of EL34 other than Winged C.  We are currently ordering JJ El34 from a new supplier that has more stringent testing procedures than the previous supplier.  We’re crossing our fingers.   For now, the only way to get Winged C from Andrews Amp Lab is to purchase an Andrews amp.  We will continue to use them in our amp production until our stock runs out.
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