News Update from Andrews Amp Lab

Sorry it’s been so long since the last post.  It’s been a busy year and I just got a little breathing from for a couple of days so here is the chance to catch up on news.

First, the new Spectraverb 20 and 40 watt combos are both now available.  They are great platforms for all styles of music and they love pedals although they really don’t need them for many styles.  They have super nice reverb and my new reverb limiter circuit.  See for all the details.  The new amps have been getting some press lately in the guitar magazines and the Spectraverb 40 will be getting a full review in Premier Guitar soon.  Stay tuned!

We now have the Spectraverb 20, Spectraverb 40, Para-Dyne 20, Para-Dyne 50, A-22 and A-50 in the lineup and most of these are available in both heads and combos.

Turnaround time is now under 2 weeks but our busiest season is right around the corner, beginning January 1 so if you’ve been thinking about getting that old amp back in good shape without a long wait, not is the time!

I’m thinking about a new post on how to get the best tone from your amp.  Look for that in coming weeks.

Lastly, we have several nice used amps on sale in the shop.  Log on to Facebook and join the “Gear Talk Georgia” group so see what we have.  Also, look for our listings on Craigs List.




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