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This is where I’ll be showing reviews of popular guitar amp tubes.

12AX7 Tube Reviews

  I guess it’s really more accurate to call this a tube shootout than a review of tubes.   I’ve always wanted to do a review of 12AX7 tubes but felt that there were too many variables. I also didn’t … Continue reading

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Winged C factory will not be producing any more glass tubes!

There has been a rumor floating around for a few months that the Winged C (SED) tube factory has closed down.  I’ve been staying in touch with the importer since then and they’ve been telling me that the factory was … Continue reading

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12AT7 tube shootout for guitar amp phase inverters

Very little attention has been paid to the important role that a certain tube plays in most guitar amps.  I’m talking about the phase inverter or PI tube.  The PI is the tube that creates the push-pull waveform and it’s the … Continue reading

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JJ 5751 preamp tube review.

5751 Tube Review I’ve been curious about the new 5751 from JJ since I heard about it a few months ago.   As some of you may know, the 5751 is similar to the very common 12AX7 aka 7025 and ECC83 … Continue reading

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