Footswitch & Crossover for Leslie Model 16, Model 18 & Vibratone

Leslie Footswitch and Crossover for Model 16 and Model 18 and Vibratone from Andrews Amp Lab

Very High Quality foot switch with crossover replaces the cheapo setup that came stock with the Fender Vibratone and Leslie model 16 and 18 cabinets. It allows connection of most amps to the Leslie cabinet and allows switching of the rotation speed and on/off switching of the Leslie speaker.

These units feature cast metal enclosures, Carling switches, Switchcraft jacks, 15′ heavy-duty rubber-jacketed control cable and correct spec inductor coil and capacitors.  The 5-pin jack is heavy duty Bakelite with a metal housing and the contacts are gold plated. Internal wiring is silver plated and Teflon coated.  We include a 1/4″ double-female cable coupler so the unit can be used with both combos and head/cabinet rigs.  Full connection also requires two good quality speaker cables (not included) to connect the unit to the amp and speaker.

Click Here for a Hookup Diagram

$219.00  USA Shipping $15  

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Leslie Footswitch & Crossover


We also offer a modification to make this device remote switchable.  The modification adds a power supply, and AC cord, switching relays and a stereo footswitch jack.  All this allows the unit to stay in the backline so there are fewer cables running to your pedal board.  You can connect a standard non-LED 2 button footswitch with stereo 1/4″ plug to the jack and control speed and speaker switching from your pedal board.  This mod is built to order so please allow 5 to 7 business days for shipping.  We can also supply a generic Marshall-style footswitch of you don’t already have one.

Leslie Footswitch with Modification for remote switching $320.00  USA Shipping $15  

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Leslie Footswitch with Modification for remote switching and generic 2 button remote switch $340.00  USA Shipping $18  

Contact us for international shipping charges.