AC25 British Style Class A Amplifier

The Andrews AC25 is an updated and improved incarnation of the vintage British classic. Our hand-wired amp retains the vintage chimey tone of the original but is designed for lighter weight, better reliability and more versatility. With the addition of the midrange control, excellent master volume control, and half-power switch, we’ve packed a lot more versatility and expressive tones into an already great sounding platform. You can dial in clean or crunch or warm or chimey or fat or anything in between. Our cabinet design and WGS Reaper HP speaker complement the amp well, delivering that classic “crang” and ample bottom end.

For weight and space savings, we have incorporated a more portable solid pine 1X12 cabinet with a Baltic birch baffle and a sturdy welded aluminum chassis.  For reliability, we’ve lowered the output from 30 watts to 25 watts by utilizing a custom-wound power transformer. This allows for the EL84 output tubes to run within their design specifications while still maintaining hot class-A biasing.  These changes extend tube life and reduce failures that are so common on similar amps. In addition, the output tubes are mounted in a way that allows for better air flow to help with cooling.  This eliminates the need for vents on the top front of the cabinet. Removal of the vents improves bass response. The circuit is hand wired on a heavy duty epoxy/glass turret board and the hot cathode resistors are over-rated and bolted to the chassis to keep heat away from the board and other components.

AC25 1X12 Combo – $1895

Tubes – 4 EL84, 3 12AX7
Size – 23.5″ wide x 18.5″ high x 10″ deep
Weight – 44 lbs
Output power – 25 watts, 14 watts, 10 watts (switchable)
4/8/16 ohm speaker jacks
Speaker – WGS Reaper HP or Custom (lighter)