The A-22 is perfect for smaller  to medium sized gigs or studio use but it’s still capable of producing very high volume when driven hard. The tone of the A-Series amps is inspired by classic “plexi” style sounds with voicing refinements and a post-phase inverter master volume control. Those refinements include a sweeter clean tone and a slightly smoother, less piercing crunch tone. Think of a 50 watt “plexi” that’s been reduced to 22 watts and fine-tuned so that one channel is voiced just right without the need to bridge 2 poorly voiced channels. Then we add a post phase inverter master volume control and replace the presence control with a “cut” control. The treble control features a pull switch that brings out a familiar Vox-like tone. In addition, we have tightened up the power supply to get rid of those annoying “ghost notes” found on many vintage amps. The A-Series amps feature handwired construction, custom-wound American-made transformers, straightforward dependable single channel design, custom designed chassis, hand-wired heavy duty turret boards, compact size and reasonable weight. 

“The voice of the 20 watt dual EL-84 A-22 gracefully ventures into both 20 watt Marshall and 15 watt Vox territory, but with superior clean tones, more headroom when needed, and a far more versatile tone stack than typical vintage amps and reproductions.” 

“In our experience, you couldn’t wish for more in a dual EL-84 combo or head” ToneQuest Report Magazine – June 2012 Review


Hand-Wired Construction – Sometimes called “point to point” wiring ensures solid durable long-lasting reliability. No copper traces to burn or peel away. All components are hand soldered to heavy duty turrets, tube sockets, pots, switches, etc. These amps are road ready and roadie tough.

Custom-Wound American-Made Transformers – The A-series amp feature very high quality transformers custom wound to our specifications to meet the exact requirements of the amp designs. Special high-grade steel is used to allow for the higher performance of larger units without the increased weight.

Straightforward Dependable Single Channel Design – Simple to operate, solid classic design.

Custom Designed Chassis and Turret Boards – We utilize very heavy-duty G10 turret boards and custom designed chassis. You won’t find generic off-the-shelf chassis or boards in our amps. We custom design the critical parts to insure that every part in mounted it the correct location for optimal tone, stability and durability. Using the custom components adds to the manufacturing costs but we feel it is necessary to achieve the highest quality product.

Compact size and reasonable weight – See specs below for each model.

Scroll down for sound clips.

A-22 Head Specifications:
Size: 9.5″ H X 10.5″ D X 21.75″W
Weight :
Tubes: Three 12AX7 and two EL84 (or one 12AU7, two 12AX7 and e EL84).�
Audio Power Output:  22 Watts RMS
Switchable 4/8/16 ohm output (X2)
Also available with 6V6 output tubes.
Price: * $1895   Sale $1795
*Prices and specifications subject to change.



Andrews A-22 Sound Clips
Please hook up to a good quality stereo system rather than using those cheap PC or laptop speakers!

Clips 1-9 are recordings of the A-22 combo with an Eminence “Private Jack” speaker.    All the clips except # 5 on this page were recorded with the highest gain preamp tube configuration (12AX7 in V1 position).  That clip shows the tone with a 12AU7.

Clips 1-9 are played with NO EFFECTS unless noted otherwise;  just the guitars plugged straight into the amp.  “High” input used unless otherwise noted.  Of course it goes without saying that the clips don’t do the amp justice.  Please stop by the shop and give it a listen in person!

Clips 10-14 are full song mixes using the Andrews A-22 on all guitar parts by Spencer Kirkpatrick and Ty Roberts.  No effects were used on the amp and minimal effects were used during the recording process, just a bit of reverb and delay in places.

Clip 1 –  Clip 1 – 1994 Strat with Fender Vintage Noiseless and S.D Hot Rails pups – Gain on 2, Master on 9

Clip 2 – Clip 2 – PRS CE24 with Vintage Bass and HFS pups – Gain on 8, Master on 10

Clip 3 – Clip 3 – Same guitar as Clip 1 but gain on 9.5, Master on 10

Clip 4 – Clip 4 – Same Guitar as Clip 2 – Gain on 8, Master on 6

Clip 5 – Clip 5 – 1961 Strat – 12AU7 tube installed – Gain on 3, Master on 9

Clip 6 – Clip 6 – Custom Strat with Allparts “62” pickups – Gain on 5, Master on 8.5

Clip 7– Clip 7 – 1964 Gibson ES-335 – Gain on 7, Master on 10

Clip 8 –  Clip 8 – Same guitar as clip 7, Gain on 8, Master on 3.5

Clip 9 – Clip 9 – Telecaster – Gain on 6, Master on 10

Clips 10 – 14 are coming soon.

The Players (In alphabetical order) (On the A-22 sound clips)

Chris Griffin – plays on clip 5

Spencer Kirkpatrick – plays lead guitar on clips 10, 12 and 13

Jason Portmanplays on clips 1 and 3.

Ty Roberts of Roberts Multimedia Service plays all rhythm guitars on clips 10 – 13. Ty also wrote, produced and recorded all the audio for clips 10 – 13 as well as the entire promotional video.

Van TempleGuitarist/Singer/Songwriter for THE PRODUCERS Van plays on clips 6 and 9.

Henry Turner – Plays on tracks 7 and 8.

Wendell Walkerplays on tracks 2 and 4 and lead guitar on track 11.