Para-Dyne 25 Head and Combo Handwired Guitar Amps

The Para-Dyne amps are named for their two foot-switchable channels of extremely dynamic tone! A huge range of tones is available and the amp maintains clear note definition even at high volume and gain levels. Channel one ranges from sparkling clean to classic overdrive and and loves pedals. Channel two can take you from warm and fairy clean to crunchy British tones, to smooth sustaining high gain. It’s compact size and reasonable weight makes it easy to transport and set up. A “triode/pentode” switch is provided on the rear panel to switch the power output to around half of it’s full power rating for smaller gigs. The super-durable construction is road tough and the Para-Dyne 25’s medium-low power output is perfect for all but the largest venues. A buffered and bypassable serial effects loop is standard. Like all Andrews Amps, the Para-Dyne has external bias test points and an adjustment control for making output tube replacement quick and easy. The Para-Dyne models are available in 50 watt and 25 watt models.  We offer a choice of 2 speakers from WGS for the 1X12 combo, the Reaper HP and the ET90. The Reaper HP is loud and powerful with a sound like a Celestion Greenback mated with a G12H30 resulting in the classic British tone of a Greenback with a bit more presence and without the flubby bottom end.  The ET90 is a little more flatter in the mids with a cleaner, less colored tone.  Overall, the ET90 excels with clean tones and the Reaper HP, with it’s stronger midrange, wins the overdrive contest.

“What can’t be ignored is the absolutely stellar quality of sound produced by the Para-Dyne 20. It’s voice and presence are huge for its size, equally nimble as a clean machine or rendering an overdriven tone that, combined with the Goldtop, produced a very authentic and Creamy Marshall tone circa 1968 (that’s where we lost the 30 minutes), and all at a perfectly stout 20 watts.”  ToneQuest Report Magazine – June 2012

Review from Upfront Guitars –×12-Combo.html

Check out these great features! 

  • Power output is switchable from 25 watts to 15 watts, powered by a pair of 6V6 output tubes and driven by three 12AX7 preamp tubes.
  • The clean channel has classic warm tones and loves pedals. It features a six position Depth switch for adjusting the depth of the low frequencies.
  • The overdrive channel is thick and warm with a lot of sustain while maintaining good note definition.
  • Channel switching is available via the included footswitch (with LED indicator) or by front panel control.
  • All hand wired construction with custom-designed welded steel chassis, extra thick custom turret board and custom made transformers and speakers.
  • External bias test points and adjustment pot for quick and easy tube changes.
  • Super-transparent bypassable buffered serial effects loop

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Please check out our extension cabinets which are designed for the ultimate sound and look when combining with Andrews heads.


Para-Dyne 25 Head Specifications*
Tubes: Two 6V6 and three 12AX7
Construction: Hand wired on turret board
Size: 9.5″ High X 21.75″ Wide X 10.5″ Deep
Weight: 36 lbs
Output power: 20 to 25 watts RMS switchable to “half-power”.

Price:* $1995  
*Price and specifications subject to change without notice.



The Para-Dyne 1 X 12″ combo is just the right size to sound big without being too big or heavy to easily transport. It’s smaller and lighter than our previous combo designs but bigger than those mini combos that always seem to have a choked, “boxy” sound.


Para-Dyne 25 Combo Specifications *
Tubes: Two 6V6 and three 12AX7
Construction:  Hand wired on heavy duty turret board
Speaker: Warehouse Guitar Speakers (WGS) choice of ET-65 or Reaper HP
Size: 20.75″ High X 24″ Wide X 10.5″ Deep
Weight: 53 lb
Output power: About 25 watts RMS switchable to “half-power”.

Price:*  $2195

Price and specifications subject to change without notice.


– Strat on the clean channel


Short Demo


Full Review

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