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We have thousands of loyal clients and it would not be practical to list them all here.  Below is a list of some our more notable or well known clients.


Alphabetical order (bands associated with clients are listed in parentheses)

Gregg Allman

Arrested Development

Coy Bowles - (Zac Brown Band, Coy Bowles and the Fellowship)

Zac Brown Band

Paul Chapman - (Killer Bee, UFO, Molly Hatchet and more)

Nic Cowan

Cowboy Mouth

Donna Hopkins

Drivin’ n’ Cryin’

AJ Ghent Band

Griffin Mastering Studios

Jimmy Herring (Widespread Panic, Allman Brothers, The Dead, Aquarium Rescue Unit, Derek Trucks Band, The Ringers etc.)


Wayne Krantz

Madison Studios

Manchester Orchestra

Big Bill Morganfield (Son of Muddy Waters)

My Morning Jacket

Moses Mo (Mother's Finest)

Oliver Wood (Wood Brothers)

Open Sky Studios

Ed Roland (Collective Soul, Sweet Tea Project)


Scott Sharrard (Gregg Allman Band)


Southern Tracks Studios


Sweet Tea Project

Swimming Pool Ques

Tommy Strain (Starbuck, Bareback, Mother's Finest and many more)

Tree Sound Studios

Vintage Song Studios

Vision Studios

Denny Walley  (Frank Zappa, The Magic Band)

Lefty Williams Band




Here's Jeff working on a vintage Ampeg ReverbeRocket


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Andrews Amp Lab specializes in the repair  modification of all makes and models of tube-type guitar amps as well as the design and manufacturing of Andrews amplifiers.



Customer Experience - As owner of Andrews Amp Lab Inc., I want every customer to a have better-than-expected experience when doing business with us.  Before starting this company, I worked for many years as service representative for a large electronics corporation.  In that position, my responsibility was to work with corporate management, independent service companies, end users and the dealers who sold our products.  This was a unique opportunity to see and hear all sides of the service experience.  If something didn't go well, I would hear from the customers and dealers, then I would work with the service companies to resolve the situation.  During these years, I learned a lot about customer expectations.  Our customers depended on the hundreds of service companies we supported to meet those expectations.  It became easy to see what many companies did poorly and what a few did well.  When you do business with us, these lessons will be reflected in your service experience and hopefully, your expectations will be exceeded. 

  • We keep a clean shop.  You will not find your amp under a stack of parts and equipment. 
  • You'll receive a detailed invoice showing what work was done to your amp. 
  • You will not be surprised by unexpected charges when you arrive to pick up your amp.  All customers are contacted with estimates.
  • Most repairs are completed in one to two weeks. 
  • We stand behind all of our work with a 90 day warranty.
  • We use only top quality parts.
  • Your equipment is fully insured against fire and theft while in our possession, unlike home based shops and some retail shops.

We specialize in Vintage Tube-Type amps but we also provide expert service all makes and models of "all tube" amps and many solid state and hybrid amps.
We go through every part of your amp and find everything that isn't exactly right.  Your amp will be diagnosed and evaluated with the most meticulous care.  We don't just repair the obvious problem and put it back together with other problems still lurking in the amp like mostmany other shops do.  After giving your amp a thorough checkout and listening test, we contact you with a list of recommended work to achieve optimum tone and reliability.  You can decide what you would like to have done.  This helps to insure that you won't be faced with a problem during a performance or recording session.  Even more importantly, it insures that your amp will operating at peak performance and provide the best possible tone and that it will unlikely to have any major problems for many years. 

Top Quality Components

All tubes are checked for shorts, microphonics, gain and sound quality (many on-line sellers don't actually listen to tubes before selling them).  Then they are hot-tested under full power.  Each tube is chosen for the best performance and reliability in your amp.  We also check all of your existing tubes.  If they pass all the electrical and listening tests, we don't replace them unless you specifically that we do.  If they fail our tests, I will let you know.

All capacitors and resistors are selected for optimum tonal quality and reliability. 

Other components are chosen for their ability to stand up to heat, vibration, humidity and the rigors of gigging and road travel.


We use carbon composition resistors where they work best and we use metal film, carbon film and flameproof metal oxide where they work best.  The choice of resistors type has very little impact on the cost of amp repairs or mods.  This choice is based on sound quality and is backed up by research and experience.  Much as been written on this subject and you can read the details in Kevin O'Connor's books or R.G Keen's and Randall Aiken's web sites.  To sum it up, there are only a few places in guitar amps where carbon comps are the best choice so we use them there for optimum tone.  Metal film and metal oxide are much more accurate, reliable and quite so we use them throughout the rest of the amp.


We use the finest chemicals available for cleaning and protecting your controls, jacks and tube sockets.

Fantastic tone and reliability are our goals.
When your amp leaves our shop, it will be rock solid and sound its best. You will probably hear great new tone you didn’t even know your amp could produce!  The deterioration of sound quality usually happens so slowly that often, it isn't noticed.  Many customers report being surprised by the improvement in tone of their vintage amp after repair, often, they don't remember it ever sounding so good before.




Click here to see what some of our customers have to say us.


A few words about tubes

Today, there are many more choices in terms of tubes than we had even a few years ago.  Some people have a favorite brand, others swear by NOS (new old stock).  Still others say "a tube is a tube, just use the cheapest thing you can get".  Of course, there are as many opinions about tubes as there are tubes. 

Here is my opinion;

1) The majority of NOS tubes are overpriced, often over $100 per tube. Some are very high quality.  Some are not.  Fortunately, there are still a few NOS bargains available so we do use them in some cases.

2) Many current production tubes are of good quality and are reasonably priced.  We use carefully chosen selections from this category for most work.  The choices are based on tube reliability experience and listening tests as well as the amp application.

3) Groove Tubes - There is much confusion in the market place about the Groove Tubes brand.  In short, very few GT tubes if any are made by GT. They buy "off-the-shelf" current-production tubes and test them. Those that pass the tests get the GT label and higher price tag.  We also test all tubes that are used in amp repairs. In addition to standard testing, we actually listen to the tubes and reject them if there are any audio problems. In general, I can supply the same tube without the GT label for a lower price. 


I'm very particular about which tube I use in various amps and each choice is made based upon several factors relating to sound quality, reliability, voltage and current requirements, microphonics, hum, etc. 


If you are one of those who insists on only NOS tubes in your amp and you are willing to pay the premium price, please tell me before the repair or estimate is complete.  I will use anything you want as long as I don't feel that there is a reliability risk.


Tubes purchased from other dealers  We will reluctantly install tubes that you have purchased from another dealer.  However, we will charge a fee of $5 per tube in most cases.  Also keep in mind that if one of these tubes fails and causes any problem with your amp, we can not provide any free troubleshooting or repairs that may be required as a result of the failure of any tube purchased from another dealer.  When we install tubes from our stock during your repair, we will warranty the tubes as well as any damage to your amp that may occur as a result of a failure of the tubes.  We stock the best tubes right in the shop at competitive prices and we can get nearly any tube you request if we don't have it in stock.  Please also see my tube reviews (button on the top of this page).


We have many different speakers in stock, both new and used and we give you a chance to try before you buy.  Many people are surprised at the drastic differences in tone from one speaker to another. 


Jeff Andrews


Also, please check out ANDREWS Hand Wired Amps


Jeff's Bio

My fascination with electronics started in the 1960s when I was a kid.  My Dad helped me build a crystal radio and we hooked up a long wire around the eves of the house.  The radio picked up a few AM radio stations and I was hooked.  After that, I took apart and destroyed several of my Grandfathers radios to try to understand how they worked. 


A few years later, I picked up an electric guitar and started trying to follow in the footsteps of Jimi Hendrix.  I understood that part of what I liked about his music was the renegade way in which he approached the guitar and amp.  I too wanted to know how to get new and radical sounds from the instrument.  While focused on becoming a "rock star", I was encouraged to plan on a backup career "just in case".  That was easy, it seemed a logical fit to learn electronics since that knowledge might help me to get cool sounds from my gear and allow me to maintain the equipment. 


I studied electronics in my last year of High School and in my local Community College and graduated with honors in 1979.  Beginning in around 1977 or '78 while taking electronics in high school, I began doing basic repairs on my guitar amps and those of my friends and band mates.  While still primarily focusing on the guitar, I worked in a TV shop repairing tube-type and solid-state TVs as well as solid state audio gear.  Over the years, I became especially proficient on reel to reel tape decks at a local Atlanta shop.  From there, I worked to stay on the leading edge of audio technology.  I was one of the first techs to learn how to work on CD players, Laser Disc and DVD as each product emerged.  During all this time however, I was always tweaking and repairing guitar amps and other gear for friends, band mates and myself.


In the Late 80s I was hired by a big Japanese company to take responsibility for the service of Laser Disc, DVD, projection TV and Plasma displays for ten southern states.  In that position, I was a technical trainer, warranty administrator and repair technical support representative.  I learned much about the electronics industry.


In 2002, as consumer audio and video products were becoming more disposable and impractical to repair, I started Andrews Amp Lab to get back to why I started in electronics.  Now I can enjoy keeping amps working and sounding great while helping other guitarists work towards their musical goals whether it be to become a star, make recordings, to play music with others for fun, to play praise music in church or for the personal enjoyment of collecting gear and playing at home.